' Sierra Sky - Winemaking


 Sierra Sky Winemaking Philosophy

Our goal is to focus on making great red wines that are on the dark fruit side of ripeness but maintain balance, nuance, and complexity. Our wines will be approachable from the beginning, yet age beautifully for years to come. This will take years of experimenting with our smaller lots.
We are very lucky to have access to the grape growing regions in our area, and will take advantage of having a winery in the sierra foothills by using the grapes grown locally. Though all California grape growing regions are unique and have their own expressions we will embrace the sierra foothills region for its ability to achieve a great level of ripeness that will give our wines the structure that we are striving for. We will only acquire grapes from vineyards that pay close attention to their vines and take pride in their product.

Our red wines will be put in neutral oak barrels for the first few months, then we will add different French and American oak staves to the barrels, they will then be tested at each racking for levels of oak and depending on the varietal left in our taken out. We will focus on racking our wines more through the process to keep from having to filter, saving some of the flavor in the wines.

Our belief is that if the wine isn’t to a certain standard we will try cross-varietal blending to bring them up to a level that we believe, will bring much enjoyment for the consumer. We will always strive to make a wine that stands out and makes people smile.

From harvest to bottling, we will always put our hearts and minds into striving for a better vintage year after year!